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2017 Selcuk Camel Wrestling

Enjoy a first class experience of Selcuk's annual camel wrestling festival!

On Friday, 20 January the camels will parade through downtown Selcuk. The camels are dressed in their finest and paraded throughout the city. You will hear drums, see dancing, and experience the camels up close.

On Saturday, 21 January the national camel wrestling event will take place! This is the grand finale to a season on camel wrestling across Turkey. These are the camel champions!

The event runs from mid-morning throughout the afternoon. We can provide you with a free shuttle to a from the camel wrestling arena at Pamucak Beach, just 8 kilometers from the Ayasoluk whenever you want to leave to watch the camel wrestling, and whenever you are ready to return.

We look forward to seeing you out here!

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